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Functional Medicine in Carlsbad

What Is It?

Nutritional supplementsDr. Tatasciore explains functional medicine (FM) differently from the medical world. He describes it as looking at the body from a multitude of different directions, using various kinds of cameras to look inside.

We want to make sure the structural or outside part of the body is working really well—that’s the chiropractic end. When that information is provided to the FM practitioner, they have a better understanding of what’s going on and can formulate a plan to fix it.

Lab Testing

The other component is laboratory testing. We ask patients to provide their test results, if they have them, before we order any further tests. Many have been told their results are normal—normal can encompass a really wide range of findings.

Dr. Tatasciore always advises them that just because you test normal doesn’t mean you’re anywhere close to being healthy. That’s the internal piece. So we use a lot of tests to find out how well your internal environment is functioning, as well as your structural or outside environment.

Getting to the Cause

Information is compiled from the patient’s histories and questionnaires, test results and additional lab testing to find areas where the patient may need some support. Dr. Tatasciore might diagnose or work with their medical doctor to discover any underlying conditions that may have kept them very ill for a long time, or been an underlying source or something that’s preventing them from thriving in other aspects of their health.

What to Expect

FM is a component of the care provided by Dr. Tatasciore. Many of his new referral patients don’t even know he’s a chiropractor. They’ve been sent by their medical doctors for their gallbladder or thyroid condition, or female reproductive issues.

Some patients have already done testing and provided us with those results, although additional work may be necessary. For our other patients, we do functional diagnostic medicine testing, laboratory analysis, and special imaging studies to determine what the patient needs. It might be a metabolic detoxification program, nutritional counseling, or something else.

We work with the finest medical imaging centers, diagnostic laboratories, sports medicine surgeons, internal medicine doctors, ENT’s, PT’s, therapeutic equipment suppliers, and nutritional supplement companies who are leaders in their fields and in the country.

All patients are exposed to our FM program; not everyone participates. The choice is always theirs.

The Doctor Is In

In response to a request from local tech companies in Santa Monica, Dr. Tatasciore created an on-site corporate wellness program called “The Doctor Is In.” It is a one-stop on-site corporate healthcare shop where employees can get examinations and treatments, be referred for MRIs, or do laboratory tests.

The program grew to an average of 87% utilization by the employees, and had a long wait list. It also provided many new patients for the associate doctors he worked with, and lowered insurance costs for those companies. Unfortunately, the plan was discontinued because of COVID, but Dr. Tom is looking for tech companies in the Carlsbad area to restart the program.

Another Option for Care

At Wavecrest Chiropractic, we treat the whole body—functional medicine might be a good option for you. Give us a call today to discuss your choices.

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