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About Wavecrest Chiropractic

Hands raised in the sunDr. Tom Tatasciore has spent many years servicing patients in large, prosperous practices, and spending time around the best doctors, in the best hospitals. So, he refined his craft and continued learning. But deep down, he always wanted to be a hometown doc.

During COVID, his commute went from 70 minutes one way to 17 minutes. That made him sit up and take notice and ask the question, why was he doing this? Dr. Tatasciore decided to move to an area where his family could have a better quality of life, and he could be the go-to doc in his community.

With everything he’s learned in practice since 1990, he’s eager to introduce his brand of chiropractic care to his new Carlsbad community. So, he’s going solo, building his new practice up from the ground.

Healing in Motion

On a surf trip in New Zealand, Dr. Tatasciore went for a hike to a mythical surf spot he had heard about. When he arrived, the rain caused raging swells from all directions, converging on a rock that looked like a person. As each wave hit the rock, the energy carried in its crest helped shape the rock.

And the name Wavecrest came together in his mind, along with the tagline “healing in motion.” Dr. Tatasciore believes that applies to what he does. He’s physically moving people in a structural plane. By providing education, he’s moving their minds, and with functional medicine, he also moves the internal body.

Heat image of a spine

Learning From the Best

Dr. Tatasciore has traveled all over the world for competitions and surfing. In every locale, he’s found the best doctors he could to gain knowledge. Whether it’s an ancient technique or some procedure only done in that area, he was an avid student, soaking up all the available information.

Arriving back home, Dr. Tatasciore took that knowledge, adding it to his formal education, to mold his own method of care, creating custom care plans that can’t be found elsewhere. That’s one of the many reasons patients come to Wavecrest Chiropractic—we’re not like the rest.

Experience a Different Level of Care

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